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  • We provide and distribute educational products of Business and Investment
    Example: Books of Business and Investment- Video of Business Courses-Intellegent Toys- Digital Products-Seminars and Events …
  • The only provider of the educational products of NIK, Business and Investment Training Organization.
  • NIK was founded by ones converging passion, visionary and talent

Senior Mentor: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tien

  1. Director of Strategy at Nik Capital, an Organization of Connection and Investment.
    He’s one of the best trainer trained for more 10,000 apprentices at basic course and 1200 apprentices at intensive course.
    He owns over 10 worth real estates and 7 years of investment experiences.
  2. With skillful team Mr.Tien has developed BaBiDay, a chain of man’s fashion stores with over 10 stores nationwide and more 50,000 customers in 2 year-times. (
  3. Mr. Tien, the management at NIK Capital and he has much experiences of trading real estate in many districts of Ha Noi Capital like Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da, H.Thanh Tri, Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan and Cau Giay district.…
    With a team of experienced valuation experts Mr. Tien has priced over 1200 properties.  for sale, rent and lease for many banks and investors.
  4. He has experiences of construction and management of 500 apartments and offices in Ha Noi.
  5. Motto “Your personality is the way you behave to those who is unhelpful.”
  6. Facebook:
  7. NIK investment companies are developing very fast:
    – Donaland: The real estate company which has 200 employees with 4 offices in District 1 and District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, they have owned thousands of square meters of real estate.
    – Babiday: Men’s fashion company with 17 stores, 70 employees. they have served more than 53,000 customers nationwide. Babiday enters the fund raising phase. They have opened 150 to 200 square meter pilot shops equal The Gioi Di Dong stores.
    – Couplecats: The chain of Vietnamese Bread shops with 7 stores. They’re continuous to replicate according the process of ice cream shop chain which has 1400 stores worldwide.

C.E.O: Mr: Nguyen Thanh Trung

  1. Mr. Trung is the Vietnamese representative at the 9th PYE in Seoul, South Korea (2015)
  2. He has five-years-experience as a Cheerleader-MC- Team Building- Event Management-Inspirer for over 9000 people.
  3. Four-years-experiences of personnel management at Viet Huong restaurant
  4. Three-years-experiences of providing Marketing Online solutions, and managing of Technology and Service Projects
  5. He used to work for New World Hotel, Rose Hotel Group.
  6. Facebook:
  7. Motto: “Better late than never”

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  • Mission: To help you find out the most practical and useful knowledge in business
  • Vision: One of the best Chain of Business and Investment Educational Products Provider in the world
  • Core value: Preparing the mind and vision for Vietnamese so that they join their hands in the world.
  • Slogan: “WIDEN THE WISE”


*** Labor force ***

  • Specialized in each department
  • NIK is the convergence of enthusiastic persons who is willing to join their talent, youth and experiences.
  • We always be ready to learn and join in the intensive courses in order to bring you the most practical values.
  • Your satisfaction and trust are our primary objective.

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  • Headquarters
    328 Vo Van Kiet St, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi MInh City, Vietnam.
  • Southern Office
    72 Le Thanh Ton St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Northern Office
    60B Nguyen Huy Tuong St, Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan  District, Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam


  • Tax Code: 0314070181



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    Images of other successful lecturer


    Our lecture and Mr. Pham Dinh Doan, Chairman of Phu Thai Group (5000 employees, over 1000 Owen, Winny stores) at the seminar.


    Our lecturer and Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa,
    Strategy Director of FPT Group.


    Our Lecturer and Mr. Nguyen Van Duc,
    Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh Real Estate Organization
    And Dat Lanh Real Estate Company Founder.


    Our Lecturer and Mr. Tran Viet Quan, Bach Khoa Computer Founder
    And Pathway International School Founder. (1000 employees and 80 Providing Stores)

    Mr. Fabian Lim
    He works as Co Founder at Click Media, the Internet Marketing organization which has office in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,…
    Co Founder – The first pilot school in Singapore
    Founder & CEO of  PAGEADVISOR.COM Group.


    Chana Wanichapun is well known for his expertise in Personal Sales and Scientific Sales.

    With more than 15 years of experience as a manager in Fortune 500 companies with training and experience working with world-class business experts like Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Bauer, Blair Singer and wolves. Wall Street – Jordan Belfort.

    Chana Wanichapun has appeared on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines such as Money Channel, Dubai News, Bahrain This Month, GM and Forbes.



    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tien on VITV Channel: 

    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tien on VTC10 and NETVIET Channel


    > Mr. Pham Van Thuong :

    Mr. Pham Van Thuong is an expert in real estate law.
    Moreover his knowledge sharing is always clear, easy to learn and applicable


    > Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tung:

    Director of real estate consultation, Colliers Group Vietnam with many years experiences of building high-rise buildings and large malls.


    > Mr. Dang Trong Khang: 

    A consultant of Stock Trainer in Vietnam. He invented the Causality Investing, the investment method. He has nine-years-experiences of investing in stock.


    > Mr. Nguyen Huu Thuan:

    Mr. Thuan is the chair man’s fashion stores Founder at Babiday
    And the Consultant of Marketing with five-years-experiences of setting up websites,
    softwares for Japanese Companies. He is able to deploy Marketing on 20 online
    And offline channel and has many experiences of Google Adsense.



    > Professor PhD Dang Hung Vo:
    Resource and Environment Vice Dean
    And WB international Commerce arbitration and WB international bank consultant


    > Mr. Nguyen Van Duc:
    Ho Cho Minh Real Estate Organization Vice Chairman
    Vice Manager of Dat Lanh Real Estate Company
    Stock Consultant on Cafe Bizlive, Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Vietstock, Tien Phong Newspaper, C.E.O Talk, …..

    Watch Nguyen Van Duc on C.E.O Talk here:


    > Mr. Nguyen Trung Phuong: 

    + C.E.O at IDJ Financial Company, one of five hundreds Vietnamese largest companies
    + IDJ has been being listed on Hanoi Stock Exchange.
    + IDJ used to possess shares of TTTM Grand Plaza 1,000,000,000,000 VND of valuation
    + IDJ is the investor of the Hanoi International Academy School located on Ciputra with an area of 2.7 hectares.


    > Mr. Ngo Quang Hung: 

    + Mr. Hung, Director of the 115 Finance Company.
    + He’s famous for being as ” Rich Dad”, guiding many successful persons.
    + He’s skilled in Real Estate and Financial Controlling.


    > Mr. Phan Sy Minh: 

    Mr. Phan Sy Minh, a Co-Founder of IDP JSC-Ba Vi Dairy Company was listed on top 5 largest dairy businesses in Vietnam.
    He used to study and work in 55 countries around the world.
    After 33 years of establishment IDP JSC reaches thousands of billion VND


    > Mr. Le Xuan Thanh:

    Mr. Thanh, Director of Ha Thanh Real Estate Floor.
    He has many experiences of trading over 3000 apartment and offices


    > Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue:

    Ms. Hue, the Consultant of Real Estate with five-years-experience in consultation, agency and trading in Ha Noi.


    Mentors :
    Brian Tracy :

    Mr. Tracy, a very famous speaker for self-improvement field. He used to work as C.E.O for the $265 million Company. He’s the chairman of Brian Tracy International, a human resources company has departments around the U.S and other 31 countries. Yearly he has many presentations for over 250,000 people around the world. He has also written 40 books and created 300 training courses.


    Nik Halik :

    Nik Halik is a “thrillionaire”, a millionaire and always be motivated to make adventurous, extraordinary things as a way of life. He soon became a millionaire with the age at 20 and also plays as a rock star. He also climbed to the highest mountain of the world, discovered the Titanic deep in the ocean and he’s the first Australian fly into space.


    Gerry Robert :

    Mr. Robert, the Canadian author of the bestseller: The Millionaire Mindset. His assets amounted is over $ 100 million and he has presented for over 3 million people around the world.


    Andy Harrington :

    Mr. Harrington, one of the most famous English Speaker. He used to be on stage with Donald Trump, Tony Robbin, Richard Branson… . His company income is over £50,000 per month…


    Blair Singer :

    He’s author of the bestseller: Little voice Mastery and Sale Dogs. He’s the founder at Sales Partners, the International Selling Education which is franchised all over the world. He’s one of the Richdad Advisor members and skilled in selling and leading training for companies belong to Fortune 500.


    Mr Vas :

    Mr. Vas, Director of Leading Performance-Singapore with twelve-years-experiences of practical training NLP. He has trained NLP for thousands of Vietnamese for 2 years. (NLP, the science of human studying, which helps human become excellent in the shortest time by simulating other successful person).


    Mr Bellum Tan :

    Mr. Bellum Tan, an investor and Singaporean millionaire.
    Representative of Rich Dad Asia Organization by Robert Kiyosaki. Our lecture join with Mr. Tan in investing at the Seed Funding.


    Mr. Thanh Tien and Personal Sharing: 

    “It’s worthless if I just keep my knowledge for my own !”

    1. With my experiences I helped people to increase their income from nothing to $2,500 or even $50,000 per month.

    2. In five minutes I’ll point you your disadvantages which hold on your success.

    3. I don’t inspired your mind. What I do is to help you to improve your business in real life.

    I’ll bring you enthusiasm and the important thing is “never give up”.

    4. Different from others I said things according to my experiences

    For me, a good trainer is the man has a diverse experience and easy learning teaching way. Specially, the teaching way need to be applicable.

    5. Most of the poor and failure person said: ” I KNOW”. Don’t do that cause there  are many things waiting for you ahead,

    The poor think they don’t have enough money and time to study.

    Or because of having no knowledge makes them poor ??”


    We are glad to be a piece of your success !

    See you at the Seminars.


    For your success

    These words are written for those who writes down histor